About Us

The Chakra Healing Mystery School and Leadership Training is a sacred, soulful intimate adventure and an ongoing spiritual education whereby women collectively explore the 7 main energy centers of the body and develop spiritual leadership skills that will inevitably inform every aspect of professional and emotional development.    


 Basic Flow  of our Mystery school and Leadership Training

The  Chakra Healing Mystery School and Leadership training is an expressive association  based in revolving 7 week explorations of the Chakras beginning at the root and traveling to the crown and then beginning again at the root and spiraling up through the chakras to the crown again.  In this process like- minded women from all over the country commit to a weekly conference call  for at least 7 weeks.  The call consist of  a one hour guided meditation and group share.  During these calls women learn more about each energy center and about each other as they share their insights and inspirations regarding the chakra that is  being explored.  It is the aim of the Mystery School that women are spiritually educated and nourished by the meditations and shares.   Each woman is encouraged to take that learning into their personal and professional lives.   Furthermore, each woman is encouraged to take on leadership as she considers committing to learning the skills that are required to become a Guide in the school. Although a woman commits to learn the skills of how to be a Guide she does not have to be a Guide unless she so chooses.  Training to be a Guide begins as soon as a woman says "YES" to this process of spiritual study and opens the door to be supported to step into her own unique leadership and find her voice. 

Roles in The School

Sojourners: The Sojourners are woman who feel ready to embark on the path of self discovery by becoming a member of The Chakra Healing Mystery School and Leadership Training.  As these woman enter the school they  are supported to study the Chakras both on the meditation calls and by reading the online materials.  A Sojourner has a deep desire to connect with other like-minded women, is ready to apply herself to spiritual discovery and is enlivened and intrigued by the idea of moving through the training steps of the school and learning to embody leadership in the school in a practical and ethical manor.  She shows her committment and devotion to the path of spiritual education by making both an emotional and financial contribution.

Angels:  The Angels are in the in-depth learning phase of the Chakra Healing School, focusing on studying the Seven Chakras and checking in weekly with the Guide or one of the Archangels as they explore through dialogue and online reading of topics relative to guiding a community and cultivating the self confidence and skills necessary to guide meditations. .  They commit to coming to the calls and studying the spiritual materials.  They act as supports to the Archangels helping them to outreach to women, master the learning materials and practice guided meditations.

The Archangels:   The Archangels support the Guide in leading the gathering calls and in outreaching to women in the Spiritual Mystery School.   By the time a woman is an Archangel she has been in the school long enough to have traveled through a minimum of 7 weeks of Chakra Meditations and she has been mentored by the Guide to begin to lead meditative gathering calls.  The Guide supports the Archangels by modeling leadership and by passing on both oral and on-line materials to the Archangels so that they can be well prepared to lead women when they are ready.  The written materials are documents that can be used as a guidepost for future gathering calls but it is the right and responsibility of each woman to add her unique creativity and wisdom to the trainings and to pass them onto the women who will come after her.  The Archangel must demonstrate proficient knowledge of the chakras, devotion to the community, the capacity to lead original guided meditations, and the organizational and communication skills necessary to uphold a web of connection in the school before she can become a Guide entrusted with leadership.

The Guide: A woman becomes a Guide when she has successfully and devotedly passed through the three previous phases of education in the school.  At this point a woman has earned the privilege, responsibility and honor of being a Guide by participating consistently in the weekly calls, connecting regularly with the women and by developing the mastery and skills necessary to create 7 original Chakra meditations.  As the Guide, a woman is expected to lead educational and meditative gathering calls that are the central axis of the materials being shared in this Mystery School.  She is required to mentor the Archangels in developing their original meditations.  The Guide is in service to the spiritual growth and developement of herself and all woman in the community and for this service she receives $77 from each woman at the beginning of a new 7 week cycle.  A Guide graduates from the School when she has completed all of her 7 original Chakra meditation calls, has mentored the Archangels to be ready to lead the school. The Guide completes her role in the school having grown from an indepth examination of the seven energy centers of the body and having established solid leadership skills.  If she chooses to stay in the community she can join the next cycle and pay $77 to the next Guide. Former Guides may also consider acting as probono consultants to new Guides.

All of the women in the group are encouraged to share this group with soulful women who they think may benefit by this opportunity.  A woman who is interested to check out the meditation call may come on for one visit before she decides to join the community and pay her $77 fee.  At the start of each cycle each Guide especially is encouraged to promote the group by outreaching to potential members and by sharing the Web page and Facebook Page.  This promotional activity is part of the leadership skills training.  If a woman joins the group that is already in the misdst of a & week flow she may pay a pro-rated amount.  $11 per session.  It is the goal that all payments are made in a timely way - but no woman who wishes to be included will be excluded for lack of resource.  

Sample of a Weekly Meditation Call