What is a Chakra ? 

The word Chakra is Sanskrit for wheel or disk. It signifies one of seven basic energy centers in the body which are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our beings. Each of these centers correlates to major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column. In addition the Chakras also correlate to levels of consciousness, archetypal elements, developmental stages of life, colors, sounds, body functions, and more.  

For our specific purposes we will use the Chakra System as a roadmap to explore our universal human emotions which are subtle energies that have a direct impact on our multifaceted personalities, our physical bodies, our relationships and on the expression of  our life's challenges and purposes.

One palpable way to understand Chakras and the connection to one'severyday life is to think of how emotional energy impacts particular points in the body.  For example, when one is sad and represses tears or holds back emotions of any kind- a "lump in the throat" emerges.  We all know there is not suddenly a mass of matter that has accumulated in our throats but we can feel as if one has.  The fact is that accumulated emotional energy can feel like physical matter even though it is subtle energy.   When we reframe the "lump in the throat" as a disruption in the flow of the energy through the  fifth chakra  (aka throat chakra) which is traditonally been associated with truth telling, speaking and expressing one's feelings and opening to creative expression we bridge our direct emotional experience to the Chakra  tradtion.   In the Chakra Healing Mystery School we explore the bridge of connectivity between our direct emotional experiences and the Chakra tradtion and find many correlations and useful opportunities to deepen our self awareness. 

Why is it called a Mystery School?

We ourselves are the mystery.  The core question of "Who am I?" and the cocreative exploration of our shared humanity in the context of supportive spiritual fellowship serves as the context of revealing the mystery of ourselves to ourselves.  The Chakra System study and the guided meditations serve as tools to deepen self knowledge and reveal subconscious patterns and links to our own connections to the divine. As a Mystery School we commit to upholding the highest good and serving one another to bring forward the highest and best of our human potential.

Who created this School and Who are the women who become involved?

The Chakra Healing Mystery School and Leadership Training is not the brainchild of one woman but the collaborative  work of countless women over the last many years.  Women have gathered throughout time to support each other in every facet of life and some have even been similar to this School in the design and flow of the Leadership training.  Modern women have gravitated to circles that use conference calling and modern media tools as a way to connect over distances of time and space and to create an amazing web of connection to women they might otherwise have never met.  The Chakra Healing Mystery School is an integration of traditional spiritual women circles borrowing on the foundations of those who have gone before us and creating a new model which allows women to cocreate a sound path to develop spiritual leaders and to share the wealth of collective energy and wisdom.  Women who are involved span the gamut of every demographic.  The key shared characteristics are devotion to community, a desire to serve and interest in self awareness and spirituality.   

What is an Expressive Association?

An Expressive Association is a community that exercises the right of freedom of assembly or freedom of association which is the individual right to come together and collectively express, promote, pursue and defend common interests. The right to freedom of association is recognized as a human right, political right and civil liberty.  Everyone who becomes a part of the Chakra Healing Mystery school and Leadership Training exercises her constitutional right to gather with like minded people and to exericise her spiritual freedom to confidentially share her feelings, beliefs, time and offerings with the women in her evolving spiritual community. She can expect to learn and grow in the process and come away from the experience having been given an opportunity to learn from the educational materials offered during the Chakra focused gathering calls. Everyone's spiritual and emotional shares and offerings are to be held as confidential and honored by everyone in the community. 

What is the cost?  Each woman contributes $77 to the Guide at the beginning of each 7 week cycle.  This contribution is considered a spiritual offering and shows that a woman is 100% committed to the devotional practice of spiritual growth, community building and responsible leadership development.  The role of Guide is a sacred trust.  The contributions she receives  are sacred and they reflect an honoring of the Guide for her devotion to the educational and spiritual upholdment of the  Mystery School.  Noone can become a Guide who has not completed her studies and her commitments to the community including that of making her financial contribution.  It is each Guide and Sojourner's ethical responsibility to personally account for the offerings they give and receive. It is not the intent of the Guide or any of the Mystery School participants to instruct anyone in conventional financial matters. Each participant in the Mystery School must be fully responsible for her choices and be clear that the leadership training being offered is not a business leadership training but a spiritual leadership training. Women are encouraged to take conventional financial concerns to the apporpriate counselors.  It is suggested that when a woman becomes a Guide she set up a pay pal account in order to recieve payment in an efficient way from the women who are attending the series.  

How Can I get involved?
Feeling a spark of interest is the first step to involvement!  If after reading through this web page you feel that spark and that leads you to more questions please contact Freedom at
Please write down your questions and/ or express your enthusiasm.

Blessings in your every step.